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UNICEF Bankrolling Fredokiss’s Political Campaign With NBS Bank

Unicef Bankrolling Fredokiss

Unicef Bankrolling Fredokiss

The cat is finally out of the bag, all those free gigs and let-go-and-register moves were all nothing hut political posturing by hip- hop star Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua.

Fredokiss, son to controversial politician Kamlepo Kalua, is biding for a Parliamentary seat in Blantyre City South Constituency, with financial support from NBS Bank and the UNICEF. Ironically, both institutions are supposed to be apolitical in their dealings.

Fredokiss holds ambassadorial positions in both NBS and UNICEF.

While NBS Bank and UNICEF’s interests in Fredokiss’s political manoeuvres are not yet known but sources within the two institutions said the decision to finance a political course has ignited controversies.

Last week, Malawi Parliament rejected a private member motion that was sponsored by UNICEF on the basis that the organization’s motive in sponsoring the motion was not clear. United Nations (UN) agencies such as UNICEF are never allowed to interfere in local politics of any country.

While NBS Bank is also said to have taken a role in the shooting down of a financial motion that aimed at cushioning the poor masses from commercial banks’ stinging rates. Malawi Parliament on Thursday shot down Financial Services Bill which was aimed at regulating bank lending rates among others.

This means that poor Malawians will continue paying huge bank interest rates which have been described as satanic so far.

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