Embecile UTM Supporters Living In Denial As APM Continues To Be On Top Of Things

The gullibility of UTM supporters is seen whenever government takes a certain step in the economy. They are a people who do not want to use their brain to think but expect their leaders to throw down anything down their throat of thinking without questioning. In mind is the just announced fuel adjustment. In their blindness they say fuel has gone down because their leader spoke about it a month ago.

For starters, their leader said if MERA does not bring down the price of fuel, he will take unspecified action. Cunningly he did not give a time frame to it. After a week or so, MERA reaffirmed their position that fuel prices will remain the same until the next review. The leader was quiet with his empty threat which has become his trademark. If he was serious enough, he would have taken action after a week or even two of the adjustment.

This leader knew that the fall of world market prices recently will only reflect in the next review and he was very sure just like the DPP cadets were that the next review, prices will go down. It did not need any rocket science or prophetic sight to know this. He has mastered the art of Copy and Paste Leadership skills.

His followers need to embrace this reality that fuel prices are reviewed monthly and any movements within a particular month will only take effect after the next review unless very very serious movement of the fundamentals happen within the period.

The followers also have to note that the current adjustment is higher than the upward adjustment that was effected in the past month because this is not just a desktop exercise but a carefully calculate economy decision which looks at so many factors.

UTM followers should open their ears and eyes wide open and see what type of leaders they have. Question them on the political rhetoric they throw through their political throats otherwise come May 2019, they will look so stupid when reality catches up with them.


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