Homosexual SKC Should Stop Lying To Malawians When He Goes To The Podium Drunk

Chilima can’t be trusted

It’s either he is being too drunk, naive or he understands that his political life is sadly coming to an excruciating end.Chilima must stop thinking he can fool Malawians.

Development partners, country assistance program are always in line with the development agenda as set by the recipient country.

The flow of resources by the development partners is always attached to some basic principles. Such principles include the recipient government’s commitment to implementing projects in a transparent and accountable manner. Commitment to financial or in kind contribution by the recipient country. Thus, there is generally a rule of law and good governance in the country which is a considerable drive to fighting corruption just to mention a few.

Negotiations are always meticulous and priorities are set carefully by the partners. Normally, if the government doesn’t have clear development agenda, development partners tend to move their support to other countries.

The case of the USA government supporting Malawi government in the construction of 200 schools clearly shows how the current government is determined to developing Malawi. It is also a clear indication of how the present government has a clear strategy, in this case in the education sector. Suffice to say, it is also a manifestation of how development partners are continuously trusting the current government’s capacity and priority programmes.

The sentiments by the Vice-President that the current administration must not lie to Malawi about the 200 secondary schools that the US government intends to construct in the country are not only shocking but they also show how the Vice-President lacks the leadership acumen and knowledge of how government is run. The Vice-President should know better and should be the one that must stop lying to Malawians.

Development is a process and requires an architect. The US government cannot just come from nowhere and embark on the project. An architect was consulted and that architect is Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the President of Malawi.

I applaud Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for his determination and ability to set the development agenda which our development partners are willing and ready to support.

While we are mindful that the estranged Vice President is desperate for power, we are of the view that he can use decency and respect his office by remaining truthful to Malawians as he still holds a constitutional office.

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