Meet Conman Chilima: The Man Who Can’t Be Trusted With Malawi Presidency

Chilima can’t be trusted

Even though being President is probably Chilima’s biggest, lifelong aspiration, it appears that the so called ‘VP’ and leader of the UTM does not really have an accurate viewpoint on how a President should be, how he should behave and what is (and is not) expected of him.

It almost looks like as if Chilima was thrust into the competitive arena, without the necessary preparation, intellectual guidance or an actual strategy regarding an operational framework leading up to a concrete end-goal.

The truth of the matter is that Chilima decided one day that the VP’s position was not good enough for him and that he wanted (might have even thought that he deserved) to be the President. Like that, without any dianoetic or practical antecedence, let alone a plan or a specific methodology…or was there a specific methodology? Some would argue that there certainly was one, since Chilima could -in effect- have waited for a short period of time, in order for the current president to retire or abandon the political pandemonium for whatever reason; he would then -almost deterministically- become the President himself. Alas, he opted not to. He chose instead to lie, betray, double-cross and ultimately ‘backbite’ and calumniate the man to whom he actually owes his political career. Without even awkward goodbyes or thank you. In a blink of an eye, Chilima transformed himself from VP to the leader of the opposition overnight…because he apparently thought that the government (which he is still a part of, since he has not resigned) is corrupt and nepotistic, regardless of the fact that he is a part of the very same government and he did nothing -even according to his mindset- to improve the situation. Then again, it is always easier to cast stones than trying to build something. Especially for someone who has been in involved in the very same practices, he so vehemently criticizes.

And then…the grandiloquent promises started. What is interesting about it is that Chilima does not seem to realize that people are not as intellectually deprived as he would like to think. People know and understood right away that Chilima’s oneiric pledges are nothing but unrealistic, dumb, inflated fantasies, aimed at creating hype around his movement and false hope. Not surprisingly, every time that someone asks him concrete details regarding how he plans to achieve his surreal promises, he either -not skilfully- avoids the question mentioning irrelevancies, or he tells us about certain ‘blueprints’ that he is unwilling to share publicly, for fear that other parties might steal his ‘innovative’ ideas…this would even be funny, if it was not that sad.

But it does appear that this whole tragicomic situation, is too much for him to bear. Chilima has been seen severely inebriated in public and he has repeatedly confided in his entourage that he needs to drink, because stress is gradually taking a toll on him. So, he attends most of his rallies almost completely drunk and his acolytes are even disquieted by his lack of judgement and intellectual perspicacity. He is also becoming increasingly paranoid, as he now contends that the DPP has mounted a huge conspiracy to have him assassinated. It is common for people with mental derangement to suffer from prosecution complexes, but this particular individual aspires to be the country’s President. On this note, he should get his head together, before it is too late.

Recently, Chilima has also been quite the globe trotter, since he has been travelling to numerous idyllic African (and not only) destinations for fundraising purposes. Well, being a Presidential candidate does not come cheap, everyone knows that. Thus, Chilima has been visiting old and new friends (some of them the shadiest of shady) and has been promising the moon to potential donors in exchange for financial contributions. There is even credible information that Chilima has been sealing deals with renowned drug lords around the world; essentially, Malawi might soon become a global drug capital, ‘feeding’ cartels the world over. In return, Chilima’s pockets get heavier and heavier.

It is also true that we have a beautiful country ladies and gentlemen, and by the looks of it, Chilima will be soon selling little by little every single piece of it, if he assumes the Presidency. Don’t be surprised fellow Malawians, if you vote for him and you end up realizing -in 2020- that your nation no longer has the right of ‘self- determination’, since Chilima will have completely sold it out, to the highest bidder. Chilima obviously will never openly admit that. He supposedly visits all these countries as Malawi’s VP (independently of the fact that he never informs the President of his peripatetics and no country allows its officials to speak or attend international events about policy issues without authorisation, so what he is actually doing is against the law), under the guise of a self-less, thoughtful, public-minded politician, who genuinely wants to promote his country’s interests and agenda. Going out to speak, or represent a country internationally is a serious matter, mainly because there are diplomatic protocols that need to be observed. Chilima has committed gross misconducts time and again. He has- in reality -no authority to address the international community on behalf of Malawi. Then again, this does not seem to bother him much, as, in between cocktails, small talks, conferences, dinners, TV shows and photo shoots…he does a little bit of fundraising too, on the side. He, more often than not, fails to mention that the only agenda he actually promotes is… his own. And…let’s be honest, it is not like the current government would pick HIM of all people…to defend its interests abroad. Chilima is more like a Trojan Horse than a Samaritan. He is essentially a rebel without a cause, exhibiting a blatant disregard for the dignity and decorum of the President’s office.

Moreover, this individual is supposed to be a pious, devout Catholic. What kind of god-fearing, dutiful, reverential man would display this kind of behaviour? Judge a man by his actions, not his words. Chilima is a rogue, arrogant, self-interested politician, who would give up everything he stands for in a heartbeat, in order to achieve his futile ambitions. Because he does not really stand for anything; he goes wherever the wind blows and camouflages his vanity under a veil of patriotic diligence.

It is also true that we are too quick to revert to our political affiliations and positions as Malawians. But, in this case, independently of the political affiliation we might hold – we must reject this type of anarchy, deceit and taunting by Chilima. He must be held to account. Dear Saulos, Malawi is not a banana republic.


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