Chilima Had Anal Sex With Techno Brain Director Jose Araujo Before His Death: Postmortem Reveals

Chilima in implicated in the death of Araujo

It has been revealed that Vice President Saulos Chilima was on the day that Techno Brain Country Director died mysterious, had spent the day with him where it is allergically the two had been having sexual intercourse.

According to an original postmortem report which was carried at ABC in Lilongwe, it has been established that Jose Araujo who was also a bisexual together with Chilima dies of cardiac arrest but his anus was found with sperms which are alleged to be of Chilima who was with him on this day.

News that CHilima enjoys sex with his fellow men is not secret as his wife Mary Chilima also knows it and his relation Dr. Valera has a routine of treating by pumping sperms in his anus.

Apart from Araujo, Chilima has been having anal sex with some guys who are in the embassy whose name we cannot reveal.

Chilima on the day that Jose Araujo postmortem report came out, went to ABC to meet the Doctor who carried out the test, to manipulate the report omitting the part the Araujo was found with sperms on his anus, and he paid MK 800,000 we can reveal.



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