Chilima,Chakwera Embarrassed At Chikulamayembe’s Funeral: Chiefs Deny Them Platform

Mutharika with berieved family

There was drama at Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe’s funeral when the synod leaders hijacked and abruptly changed the program to push in Lazarus Chakwera and Soulos Chakwera to speak after speeches were closed.

The public reacted in anger against the strange announcement made by the church in what people saw as politicization of the funeral.

Angry local chiefs rose, confronted the synod leaders and dismantled the microphone. Meanwhile, Peter Mutharika was seen smiling as the drama unfolded.

One local chief who spoke earlier describing Chikulamayembe as a friend of Mutharika grabbed the microphone again and told the mourning crowd, “Chikulamayembe was a peaceful man. Let’s not create chaos here. The church must not create chaos here.”

Reverend Nyondo was overheard shouting on top of his voice “We will leave chiefs to conduct the burial”.

Chikulamayembe is being buried under military honours.


One comment

  • Welman Chautsi

    I don’t think these church leaders are there to save God.
    They are not Christians.

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