Chilima Cancels UTM Whistle Stop Tours In The North Over Power Wrangles

Chilima Atukwana Zamkabudula

Struggle for power in United Transformation Movement (UTM) of Hamdan Saulos Chilima  has forced him to cancel the whistle stop tours he was scheduled to have in the Northern region over the weekend.

Chilima had planned to storm the North but disagreements over struggle for power in the party for the running mate post between Speaker Richard Msowoya and Michael Usi has left him with no option, but cancel the stops to a later day to give room for the two to be tolerant .
There have been faction in UTM, one led by Usi and the other led by Msowoya trying to outsmart each other on who is the best candidate to be Chilimas running mate.
whistle stop and rallies in northern region.
Chilima toours which have been cancelled were planned as follows:
Friday 23 November
10:00 Jenda trading centre
Bishop filling station at Mchengautuwa in Mzuzu
Chilumba Jet and finally
Saturday 24 November,
Misuku turn off
Chitipa border and finally a rally at Chitipa Boma.
Sunday 25 November
from 12 pm
Songwe border
Lusako and finally a rally at Karonga Boma
Monday 26 November
Nkhatabay Boma
Chintheche and finaly at Tukombo.

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