Exposing Why Saulos Chilima Has Killed Maxwell Namata For Threatening To Spill The Beans

Chilima kills Namata to Cover his cashgate tracks

As we reported earlier that Saulos Chilima and his UTM thugs are behind the death of Maxwell Namata who was involved in cash gate scandal, and was the custodian of Chilimas skeletons.

New information has come in on how Namata’s life has been at risk by Saulos Chilima  and his team .

An eye witness said there was a car chase by a white Hilux and Namata’s car from Jacaranda liquor shop at Bwandilo which later resulted in the desth of Namata.

A close friend to Namata has told this publication that he was at BICC with Namata during the Kansiime show  last night and he confided to this friend  that he was being followed by the Chilima camp on suspicion that he knows too much of Chilimas dirty dealings and the cash gate connections Chilima has.

 “I am being followed  by Chilima team lead by Kuchingale with some strange guys reported from Mozambique i have been warned.” Namata told the friend.

Information we have is that Chilima was feeling Namata was blackmailing him through their mutual friend Philip of Luanar.

Namata was treatening Chilima to spill the beans if he is not fred from today’s case where he is a co accused with MPHWIYO.

We can reveal that Namata and friend were followed from BICC by UTM operatives with a white Toyota Hilux with no registration number plates .

Upon realizing that SKC team  was again following them up, they agreeid to seek refugee At Chez Ntemba.

Namata is said was not drinking and he felt safe at Chez to wait for morning hours to leave for home.

When his friends were tired, they left Namata at Chez around 4am as he told them he  feltfnot safe to be home.

Details have also emerged that this morning ,the kabanza boys say his sisters fortuner BLK 7373 was being pursued by a a white Toyota hilux which is also on record to have followed Namata and friend last night.

Saulos Chilima sold his house and Benz to Namata at the pick of cash gate .

The two also did some shaddy deals togetehr to the tune of MK 160 million .

Namata was until his death also one of the well known UTM financiers.


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