Chilima Kills Maxwell Namata To Cover His Tracks In MK 160 Mn Cash Gate Shaddy Deals

Chilima kills Namata to Cover his cashgate tracks

UTM vice President, Mr. Saulosi Chilima has killed his long time accomplice in dirty dealings Maxwell Namata, through a mafia operated road accident at Mkwichi Primary school in the famous area 47-Bwandilo in Lilongwe. As a way of covering his traces in the multi million cash Gate scandal in which he was connected through Namata.

This publication has it that Malawi’s Vice President, Mr. Saulosi Chilima is officially placed under investigations by the Anti Corruption Bureau after it was revealed that the VP had extensive tight business links with Mr. Maxwell Namata, the man at the centre of the heinous crime of cashgate.

Chilima directly benefitted from the cashgate loot through corrupt sale of cars, houses and farm produce which was facilitated by a Mrs. J. Mathanga. Maxwell Namata conducted these businesses using cashgate proceeds.

Knowing that this information wikk ruin his political ambition, Chilima called 19 of his UTM bootlickers to his Area 12 over the weekend, where a plan was hatched on how to deal with Namata whose wicknesses were identified time be sleeping around with women and excessive drinking and driving .

Malawians should know, that the criminal Namata, spent 4 months on remand, at Maula prison, after 33 cashgating company owners named him as the source of cheques totalling K9.3billion. The Director of Public Prosecution has prepared 96 separate cases against Mr. Maxwell Namata.

Currently, only 4 of the 93 cases have taken off and these are: 1) where he is being accused with Luke Kasamba to have stolen K24million, 2) Where he is being accused with Caroline Savala to have stolen K49million and 3) where he is being accused with his wife Alice Namata to have stolen K243million through a company called Khanye Investments, which is registered and is co-owned by these two, 4) where he is being accused to have stolen K73million with Sibongile Chimphango (namata’s girlfriend).

An investigative report prepared and signed by a Mr. Vilera Liwonde (an Investigator at the ACB) and authorised by a Mr. Bandawe (Director of Prosecutions at ACB) for possible prosecution, indicates that during the cashgate period,Mr. Maxwell Namata conducted several businesses with Vice President Saulosi Chilima.

The report reveals that around August, 2013, Maxwell Namata bought a Brand New E Class Mercedes Benz Reg. Number LA7373 from Mr. Saulosi Chilima using money which Mr. Saulosi Chilima new was from cashgate proceeds at an inflated price of K34million kwacha. In july of the same year 2013, Maxwell Namata bought an area10 house number 10/311 from Mr. Saulosi Chilima using money which the Vice President knew were cashgate proceeds at a price of K65million. In June of the same year, Mr. Saulosi Chilima borrowed K85million from Mr. Maxwell Namata to buy farm produce through a woman called Mrs. J. Mathanga (girlfriend to Saulosi Chilima) knowing that the money he was borrowing was from cashgate proceeds. In September the same year 2013, Mr. Namata donated K12million to Mr. Saulosi Chilima, through an account he holds at Standard Bank, Capital City Branch and Vice President Chilima accepted the money for campaign knowing that it was from proceeds of cashgate.

Mr. Chilima is known to have always been close to the Namata family since the days when he was going out with Mrs. Lucy Horea Namata before he married his wife Mary and in actual fact, in December, 2012 he awarded his ex-girlfriend, Lucy Horea Namata, a contract worth K18million when he was still Managing Director at Airtel (This illegal contract is one of the reasons Saulosi Chilima was fired as Airtel MD).

The investigative report also indicates that it was not uncommon to see Mr. Maxwell Namata in the Company of Mr. Saulosi Chilima and the then Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo at the Africana Club in Lilongwe City Centre. They had been close friends since February, 2013, when cashgate reached its peak.

Following this report, the Vice President can be arrested any time. Some people at the ACB contend that this report was hastily prepared in order to threaten Mr. Chilima who is known to have ambitions of wanting to be the President of this country. It has also been observed that since authority was granted to prosecute, Mr. Chilima has been seen trying hard to get close to President Peter Mutharika.

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