Malawian Nurse Takes Selfie In Labour Ward While A Woman Gives Birth

Selfie in labour ward

There has  been an increase  on maternal death cases in Malawi and stakeholders have jointly come together on how they can end this .

But if the recent Revelations about a lady nurse in a labour ward, taking a selfie while an expectant mother was delivering is anything to go by ,then cases on maternal immorality will still be on the rise .

Relatives have lost loved ones during labour period due to gross negligence by medical practioneers and the nurse in question case is just a top of an iceberg of what I’d happening in our hospitals.

We will continue to lose our beloved ones if such caliber of medical health workers are not put to task.


  • If that Woman was my Wife or related to me i could’ve put he’ll on that Nurse,

    how could she do unprofessional thing?
    Didn’t she go to school for that?
    Doesn’t she care about innocent people’s lives?
    Why did even she decided to be a Nurse?

  • cute nurse though.

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