Chakwera Swindles R1 Miliion He Got From Simbi Phiri For MCP Campaign

Chakwera swindles R1 Mn from Simbi for MCP

Information reaching Malawi Independent shows that Lazarus Chakwera went to meet Simbi Phiri where he was given R1 million to support Malawi Congress Party. But Chakwera decided to pocket the money and pretended that nothing had happened.

What exposed the rat in the rubbish dump was Reverend Martin Thom. Innocently, Reverend Martin Thom went to Chakwera to get money for organising an activity for MCP  religious leaders.

Then Chakwera told Martin Thom that he had no money. Chakwera complained that he was struggling to raise money for the party. He said he had hoped to get funding from Simbi but “I didn’t get any money from Simbi”.

Reverend Martin Thom took it innocently and shared with Rhino Chiphiko what Chakwera said.

Chiphiko decided to call Simbi himself to appeal for funding. But Simbi responded with surprised anger.

“I gave Reverend Chakwera R1 million for the party. Do you want me to give you more money?”

Simbi emphasised that Chakwera had received the money in person and that he is keeping the money.

Panic and anger started rising in senior party officials. A quick meeting was called at Wakawaka Hotel  in Area 36 to discuss how to handle the scandal.

The people who attended the meeting included Mia, Kasalika, Chiphiko and Chipuwa. Reports say everyone was disappointed and angry with Chakwera.

Sidik  Mia, who has sold his Cold Storage and Cattle Ranch to pay loans, openly expressed his frustrations that Chakwera is pocketing donations to the party when people are using their own money to fund party activities.

It was one of the people from this meeting who leaked the story that Chakwera had stolen money donated to the party by Simbi.

Now Simbi is angry with Chakwera because the matter is no longer a secret. Simbi also fears that now Government will know that he funds MCP when he has a water project contract from the same Government.

Currently, there is panic to dismiss the scandal as propaganda but the anger inside MCP is too much for people to allow a cover-up.

Sidik Mia is all over telling everyone that what Chakwera has done is completely unacceptable. Mia has also said some people contracted someone to circulate a story which denies that Chakwera stole the money from Simbi but Mia said “calling this scandal propaganda is simply not going to work. A cover up will not work because we have heard it from Simbi himself. Chakwera must pay back that money.”

Apparently, Mia has found a fresh opportunity to settle some leadership scores with Chakwera. The two have been drifting apart. This is not the first time Chakwera has swindled money from his own party.


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