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Blue Sea In Ndirande As DPP VP South Nankhumwa Highlights APM Development Agenda To 2024

Impressive: Part of the blue sea

One of the ‘holy sites’ when it comes to politcs of Malawi is Ndirande township of the city of Blantyre.

You talk of football, manufacturing, automotives, hairdressing, among others, ‘Ndix’ as it is popularly known is regarded as the hub of economic activities in the city of Blantyre.

It’s of this reason that any political journey of any party starts in this popular township where many political gurus feel they get the ‘political baptism’ before they roll out their political journeys.

“I have come here today to deliver a message of hope and inspiration from His Excellency President prof Arthur Peter Mutharika. He has commanded me to say a few things about the development of this country but mainly this region and specifically about our beloved township of ndirande”, before he started preaching the spirit of unity in DPP family.

Nankhumwa speaking to the huge gathering

“His Excellency President prof Arthur Peter Mutharika does appreaciate the problems the Ndix families go through and that the President always thank you for supporting him regardless of these hardships,” the VP south elaborated. But let me tell you one thing my fellow Malawians that despite of these hardships, your beloved President of this country has lined up a number of intervations that are short and long terms.

“Very soon you will see that ndirande has new modern upstairs market where our business people would be able to sell their farm produce, hardware and software materials, automotives spare parts, carpentry

materials among others under one roof. Money for the project have already been found and soon you will execution of the project. The water problems that you are facing here will be history soon once we extend the mulanje water project from Limbe to ndirande”, Nankhumwa said to the jubilation of vendors and women.

“We can’t ignore that football is a global language and it unites people of different understandings in the society. It’s with this reason that the government of prof Arthur Peter Mutharika will construct a state-of-the-art new stadium in Blantyre. All technical issues concerning the new stadium have been done already”, Nankhumwa said.

Mchacha and Dausi dancing to the Dan Lu songs

The youthful Leader of the House in Parliament went on to inform the people that government intends to build community college and recreation centre here in ndirande to make our youths acquire relevant skills and various sports disciplines as one way of avoiding them not to indulge in immoral behaviours. Also be assured that the Zambia and Malaysia roads will connect to machinjiri and reach Malaysia health clinic respectively soon.

“Media is the fourth state therefore it needs to be given respect at all times. We can’t agree with them all the times but let them do their job professionally. For this reason, I repeat what I said in Bangwe that media harassment has no room under the leadership of prof Arthur Peter Mutharika who is the champion of press freedom in Malawi,” Nankhumwa emphasised as he is a journalist by profession himself.

Nankhumwa who looked composed as he was dishing out his issue-based trade mark politics went to say that ndirande will have new depot for minibus.

“The malata subsidy program will also come here in ndirande to cater for our fellow Malawians who are living in grass-thatched houses. But I would like to advise our local leaders to be transparent on this program. Anyone found in bribery will be arrested and sent to jail”, Nankhumwa warned.

Senior chief kapeni making his remarks

Taking his turn the Regional Governor south Charles Mchacha minced no words on the UTM. He described the group as thieves, harlots and people who don’t appreciate what they have been given.

“I can repeat here that this group will end soon and believe me on that”, Mchacha said, who went on to call the Ndirande rally as ‘Judgement Day’ for the opposition parties.

“This is Judgement Day because someone some years ago told us here that “njoka saweta” and now he is out of DPP. He was the viper himself. And he deserves Judgement,” Mchacha said sending the people who came to grace the rally into rapture.

Other notable people who spoke at the rally included senior chief Kapeni who spoke highly of good government policies; James Sangala who is the MP of the Malabada Constituency and Rashy Gaffar who represented the NGC members.

Nankhumwa is believed to have scored highly on political index as one of disciplined politician in the country for he is dishing out policies of the government at all of his rallies and this has attracted a lot of youths to follow his speeches on TV or radio or Facebook.

Impressive: Part of the blue sea
Impressive: Part of the blue-sea
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