Chilima Plans To Quit UTM Presidential Bid,Apologize to APM And DPP

Mutharika cooling down Chilima previously

There are plans for UTM Presidential hopeful Saulos Chilima to quit the movement he was pushed to head, having  failed to topple President Mutharika as DPP presidential candidate in the coming elections, we have the details .

Chilima offlate has realized that United Transformation Movement can’t win in the next elections and that he was fooled by some disgruntled DPP members, who championed his rebellion against Mutharika.

This has forced the once a favorite boy to President Peter Mutharika to consider quiting UTM and make sure that he is at peace with his father  , President Mutharika.

UTM senior officials Patricia Kaliati  , Noel Masangwi and Richard Makondi have planned to meet Chilima, to force him rescind his decision to meet Mutharika and apologize over his rebelious moves .


Here is what Masangwi  , Makondi and Kaliati were discussing :

[11/1, 12:48] ‪+265 999 51 06 81: Been called by Mary kuti Saulos is planning to book an appointment with APM abale inu akuti he wants to apologise koma sitingakumane madzulowa?this is serious and an immediate action has to be done
[11/1, 12:48] ‪+265 888 89 28 87: What?aaaargh shit
[11/1, 12:52] ‪+265 999 95 01 12: lets meet at 4pm its true that has been tdy s song akuti sakuona tsogolo,kona pakungofunika kukumana lero lomwe ayankhulidwe abwanawa
[11/1, 12:52] ‪+265 888 74 34 52: komatu angoona kugwa mphhwayi UTM ili ndi support heavy
[11/1, 12:53] ‪+265 888 89 28 87: kodi atipangira mankhwala chani?amene muli pafupi takumanani these are not watsaap issues


  • Very shame!
    Dpp is aparty of Nation
    Iwe mano usamanyoze usinini
    Muona kuti mupanga bwanji

    • so how has chilima failed to topple peter in 2019 elections when elections have not even taken place? propaganda yakubvutanitu apa!

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