Breaking News :UTM Chairman Noel Masangwi’s Plan To Assassinate Ben Phiri Exposed

Masangwi plan to assassinate Ben Phiri revealed

Plans by United Transformation Movement (UTM) National Chairman Noel Masangwi to assassinate ruling DPP Director of Elections Ben Phiri, in a desperate move to shake the mighty DPP has been exposed.Only Malawi Independent can reveal.

According to a Leaked cable in our possession, Masangwi is on record to have instructed 7 thugs led by Black Moses to hatch a plan on how best they can succeed in killing Ben Phiri.

The first meeting took place at Makondis drinking joint along the Chikwawa road on Wednesday, where contract killer Black MO was given K 10 million to make sure that Ben Phiri, who UTM feels is the center of all troubles in the non registered movement is no more.

We can reveal that Masangwi and his boys  have planned to attack Ben Phiri between Midima road roundabout and Chigumula area where Phiri spends most of his time after a tiresome campaign Spree during the night

We can reveal that several ways have been put in place to make sure Phiri is dead by all means as Masangwi feels Ben Phiri will make sure that UTM suffered and DPP wins  , creating panic in UTM that come 2019  all its soldiers will be pushed to the corner, a development which has also left the movement divided

Our investigations have further revealed that Masangwi proposed to kidnap Phiri first and kill him as they did with Chasowa, but his thugs denied the plan saying the same tactic applied on Phiri will easily make people connect them to the gluesome murder of Ben Phiri.

Few days ago, MRA cracked a whip on Masangwi for non tax compliance resulting in his company being sealed off.


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