Chilima-JB Meeting In Lagos :UTM Leader To Ask Funding From Boko Halaam 

JB, SKC Meet in Lagos

Leader of the Unregistered United Transformation Movement (UTM) Saulos Chilima and accidental former president whose leadership was characterized with cashgate and corrupt Joyce Banda are scheduled to meet in Lagos over the weekend . Malawi Independent has learnt.


Banda and Chilima are set to discuss their possible UTM and PP alliance in the coming 2019 elections .

The two camps are afraid of the ruling DPP which is poised to win the next election with a landslide, and they are thinking an alliance will give them chance to unseat the mighty DPP .

According to our informants  , Chilima is also set to meet terror group Boko Halaam to ask funding for the United Transformation Movement which has  No money to continue with its operation, in exchange with oil exploration in Lake Malawi if they win




    I don’t think if this is true? u
    p to the extent of Boko Haram?
    MMmmm zinazi chepesani ukali.

    DPP moto ku buuuuu!!!

  • Vincent mtombozi

    basi nkhani ikhale yachilima? mwasowatu zochita eti?, what are you afraid of?, you know that he has the potential to win so you are trying to let him down by bring senseless issues,munya

  • UTM teaming with PP is the undoing ofor Chilima. Osapita ku MCP bwanji?

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