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UTM: A Cartel Of Murderers, Money Launderers, Cash Gaters & Drunkards Vying To Rule Mw?



The impending announcement of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s involvement with UTM completes the picture. Criminals have come together.

The hard working Malawians are being subjected to vulture politics. But it is them – and no one else – who has it in their powers to rescue their country from the blood-dripping claws of a crime perpetared by a Mafia-like gang.

A prophet who had one over-washed suit and left Malawi after he impregnated a member of his church, a corruption god mother, a corruption suspect, a drunkard and an amorous man plus a murder convict as their legal advisor – such is the Who is Who of criminal leadership for UTM.

Shepherd Bushiri was a little known man in Malawi not too long ago. When he started his church in Mzuzu City, his congregation was too small to be anything. They had no permanent structure. Reports say they still do not have one.

But he excelled in sexual escapades such that he left for South Africa on the back of court stories that he had impregnated a member of his congregation. The issue vanished.

Down South, the prophet-turned billionaire though allegedly underworld deals has picked quarrels with ordinary people he has conned and been accused of staging prophetic witnesses.

He has been on watchlist of security apparatus over money laundering activities that have propelled him into the echelons of one of the richest ‘Men of God’ around the world.

He has been banned in Botswana for his Miracle Money and ponzi-like schemes and barred entry into Zambia for his fraudulent dealings.

At every legitimate action taken against him including by small individuals who just want justice done, he has sworn heavenly fire and Sulphur and murder.

Reports have it that it is in the hands of this man that corruption godmother Joyce Banda laundered her Cashgate loot.

Joyce Banda perpetrated the worst corruption scandal in Malawi when she sanctioned a scheme where government officials were assigned to plunder the state coffers of more than K24 billion which was to be used to finance her People’s Party campaign for May election.

She lost the election very badly and escaped into self-exile with the loot. For four years, Joyce Banda stayed out of Malawi, and South Africa was one of her permanent exile homes. It was here that she forged her deals with Bushiri that he be the conduit of the Cashgate money. Bushiri seems to have multiplied the money.

Joyce Banda returned home this year and has since put herself up for presidential candidacy in 2019 elections. Her source of funding will be the Bushiri money; actually, the money she stole under Cashgate.

She can’t win on her own. That is why in September, Joyce Banda held discussions with Saulos Chilima for an electoral alliance.

Chilima approved of Joyce Banda’s corruption on BBC Hard Talk last week when he said he and Joyce Banda have a common vision and she did nothing wrong.

This is not surprising. Chilima, who has hit the heights as a drunkard and libidinous individual, benefited from Cashgate. He was a business partner with Maxwell Namata who has three cases running in court now over K3.9 billion of Cashgate money. Birds of the a feather flock together, they say.

In the background, their legal person is Ralph Kasambara. Kasambara is working in the shadows as he is a murder convict. Courts found him guilty in the case of the shooting of the then budget director Paul Mphwiyo. He is the one hammering deals of the Bushiri-Banda-Chilima electoral alliance. Which is why when Bushiri PR person posted on Facebook this week that Bushiri is to make an announcement this week, apparently about his involvement with UTM, one of the people who liked the post is Kasambara.

That completes the picture of what a gang of criminals this UTM is, such that even the secondary levels of its leadership is as criminal Satan must be envious.

Patricia Kaliati has corruption cases and abuse of government assets on her head.

Noel Masangwi is a well known tax evader.

George Saonda is that man who conned many businessmen in Malawi including an Asian of his K30 million and the case is still in court. Now he is on the run as Interpol hunts him over hot-car deals.

Louis Ngalande has blood on his hands in relation to the murder of Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa.

This is the team that is pushing to rule Malawi. It would be a vampires kingdom and Malawians would have their blood sucked to the bone!

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