Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango Ends Marriage Of Church Member By Bonking Her Wife

Rev Mhango was bonking this woman belonging to church member

Police in Lilongwe are this morning 26th October, 2018, interrogating the famous Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango over allegations that he was having sex, going out with a lady Shupie Mkandawire which has led to collapse of marriage between Shupie and Haswel Mkandawire.

Both Haswel and Shupie are prominent members of Chimwemwe Mhango new church Redeemed Presbyterian Church (RPC). Mhango broke away from Livingstonia Church to form his own church.

The news has sent shock waves to church members of the new church. Rumours have been there since 2017 that Mhango is having an adulterous relationship with Shupie Mkandawire. Reports say there are also several families which are following up on various rumours concerning Mhango.

The new Marriage, Divorce and Family Act under section 112(a)(d) makes an offense for a third party to use his influence to cause breakdown of marriage or make marriage deteriorate. Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango is alleged to have used his position of influence as a pastor to be a counselor to the family but later was caught to be going out with Shupie.

An audio of telephone conversation between Mhango and Shupie was intercepted where they are heard saying ‘I love you! I love you!’ and Shupie saying ‘mwakhuta kale za kwanuko, simungafune zakuno.’ Reports indicate more evidence has been obtained through call logs where Mhango and Shupie talk several times in a day.

If police are convinced that Mhango committed an offense under new Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act, they can prosecute him and he may be jailed up to 1 year for disturbing a lawful marriage as third party.

More to come as we get future reports.


  • this person why disturbing my friends uncle marriage, If I was the one Mr. reverend you could have been appearing to the media with swollen face thank the guy is humble…he is more than a stupid person on earth a disgrace to God humanity..

  • Palibe nkhani apa. You can’t force marriage between two people who do not love one another. That law is one of the stupid laws that we have. When a third party disturbs marriage, they do it with the cooperation of the other married person. It takes two to tango.

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