Paid CSO’s Won’t Stop , Divert Calls For VP’s Resignation: Chilima Must Fall

Malawians call for the resignation of Chilima

The mercenary individuals under the so-called Human Rights Defenders are planning to launch a smear attack against President Peter Mutharika.

This is their bid to divert rising public calls for Saulos Chilima to resign.
Chilima admitted on BBC HardTalk last week that he continues to take a salary and all other perks as vice president while he is not discharging duties in that capacity since June this year.
The revelation has outraged taxpayers here who have since called on Chilima to resign for accepting pay while he is not working.
However, the mercenary individuals under Human Rights Defenders have decided to defend his continued abuse of resources, instead of siding with taxpayers.
The purpose of their attack is to deflect attention from Chilima resignation calls, with allegations that Mutharika is corrupt.
Their attack will come at a time when Chilima himself admitted on the  BBC interview with Zainab Badawi that President Mutharika is not corrupt and that he has also strongly spoken and acted against corruption.
Since 2014, the HRDs have made it their preoccupation to spread hate against President Mutharika and push the country into anarchy.
They have tried to stir public anger against the President by accusing him of corruption, but they have failed to prove anything.
They thought they had a credible case when the issue of the K145 million donation to the DPP emerged – only for the Anti-Corruption Bureau to clear the President from any wrongdoing.
This was after the President provided the Bureau with documents of the donation and how it was used.
The ACB found that Mutharika was not a beneficiary of the donation.
Last week, there emerged the donation of five pick-up vehicles to the DPP.  Like the K145 million case, this too is consistent with what the Political Parties law says.
The law allows political parties to get funding or any form of support from private sources.
Some have tried to make a meal of the fact that the vehicles were registered in President Mutharika’s name. However, legal experts say the fact that they were registered in the name of the President is not an issue, especially since the party has admitted that it is the one using the vehicles.
And there are precedents too.
Joyce Banda had 30 of her People’s Party vehicles registered in her name; 22 of those cars were a donation.
UDF chairman Dr Bakili Muluzi has 60 UDF vehicles registered in his name. Both these cases were public information.
However, the campaign by the HRDs is unlikely to stop calls for Chilima to resign.

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