Chilima Leaves For UK For Sex Jamboree :Wife Mary Left Behind

Chilima leaving for Sexual Spree in UK

United Transformation Movement leader and Malawi Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima has left Malawi for UK for a Sexual Spree, leaving his wife Mary Chilima behind so that he is not disturbed.

Chilima has pocketed millions of poor Malawians taxpayers money to finance his fucking Jamboree in UK.

According to our sources in UK, a chain of girls are on the waiting list to be bonked by Chilima and knowing that he won’t enjoy with his wife around him, this is the reason Chilima opted to leave alone.


One comment

  • So dziko lapindula Chani ndi article yanu? Mukukanika kufufuza how much was spent on UNGA and how many people went koma kulemba zosatukula dziko ngati izi.Mukamalemba zanu zopanda nzeruzi dziwani kuti azibale anga kumudzi akuvutika coz of poor governance.We need solutions to Malawi current problems not this nonsense

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