Ben Chiza Hits At Broke, Drunk Chilima:’Don’t Milk Jobless Malawians In Uk’

Don’t steal from poor people, Chiza tells Chilima

Activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire has hit at Saulos Chilima, calling him broke and very unsympathetic for trying to rob poor Malawians who are finding it hard to live in UK in the name of United Transformation Movement fundraising.

Here is what Chiza wrote in verbatim:

President Mutharika said Saulos Chilima and UTM are broke. I now believe him, Chilima am told he is going to fundraise in England for UTM, can someone tell him the reality in the UK.

The Malawi diaspora community in UK is one of the poorest in the world, the average household take home £1200 after tax, a majority of them are not homeowners taking up jobs as DJs, care assistants, hairdressers, order pickers, bin men, escorts, with a few lawyers, economists and academics.

Chilima wants them to part with their hard earned money without a guarantee he will win the presidency. One has to be seriously deluded to think Peter Mutharika is a one term president. The desperation of Chilima and UTM to milk the skinny cow of diasporians is so telling of the financial situation in the movement.

If you were confident why not spare these poor people their hard earned money and get a billionaire investor to cut you a cheque. The maximum you can squeeze from UK Malawians is less than 10,000, that’s my alcohol tab on a good day.

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