Bushiri Accused Of Sacrificing Spiritual Sons: Abandon Their Corpses Over Uganda Crusade

Bushiri accused of abandoning his sons

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri popularly known as Major 1 has been accused by his critics of abandoning the burial of three key members of ECG who died in a mysterious road accident, with some claiming that the flamboyant prophet must have sacrificed them, upon leaning that Papa had proceeded with his crusades in Kampala, Uganda when three families were mourning the loss of their loved ones, who were hard core faithful’s to his ministry in Malawi.

Commenting on ECG page one of ECG members suggested that Major One was supposed to cancel the Uganda crusade bearing in mind that those departed souls were not just mere members.

The three met their fate on their way to South Africa having attended a crusade at the giant Bingu Stadium in Malawi whose main speaker was Bushiri.

“This global tour would have been called off as of now and mourn these friends first. ECG didn’t lose mere members, “ wrote Maxwell Zulu, one of the hundreds who was ag

Bushiri was in high spirit on Wednesday at Kibogo Stadium where he preached for close to five hours. He later paid tribute to the trio.

Meanwhile, the remains of the departed ECG Sons James Nee, Beston Khamba and Brian Gondwe arrived at Kamuzu International Airport in Malawi on Thursday October, 4. They will be laid to rest this Today Friday, October 5 at Area 18 Cemetery in Lilongwe, Malawi. For Brain Gondwe, he will be buried in his home village in Rumphi. Burial services begins 11:00 hours.


  • In the bible it is written…And I quote Jesus said…(let the dead bury the dead) why should he have to cancel his world tour that could potentially reach millions and save souls ….no disrespect but those three people who died are gone ..their fate has been decided already….time is of the essence…for the living not the dead.

  • Yes let the dead bury themselves and the martyrs in Christ have been transferred to heaven by car accident and let us learn from them for rather dying In the battlefield of winning and sacrificing lost souls to Christ so that they may Olso be caught up with them in heaven and thank God for bushiri to win and sacrifice lost souls to Christ the martyrs and the living especially those of us who are living. Note that even in hospital Doctors don’t stop attending to patients at the expense of the dead but instead they procede to the next patient on the sickbed in order to serve the living, hence covering the dead body with bed sheets as a simble of or confirmation that the patient on sick bed is no more breathing to continue medication. So thank-you for the right accusation on bushiri of sacrificing the lost souls to Christ, it sounds weird but even caiphas in the Bible Olso prophesied to rather kill Christ than humanity which later proved the purpose of Christ dying for mankind. Continue the work of God major 1

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