Top USA Varsity Washington University Awards APM With Honorary PhD For His Achievements In Global Humanity

Mutharika speaking at Washington University

Washington University in the United States of America on Sunday 30th September 2018 conferred upon President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika a Humane Letters Honorary Degree for his impact to the global humanity.

The ceremony took place at the University’s campus in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Before becoming President of Malawi, Prof. Mutharika had taught Law at the University for 40 years rising to the highest possible position of Prof. of Law and becoming Charles Nigel Prof of Law.

Washington University is among universities with the most rigorous processes for one to be conferred an honorary degree in it’s name.

Among the requirements, their has to be an unanimous decision of the University’s board of Trustees, Unnanomo canus decision of the lecturers body and a unanimous decision of the students for an honorary for a nominee to be granted the degree.


One comment

  • Kkkkkkkkk it’s high time Universities checked on whom to honor. My granny is dying of absolute poverty in the village while he has the entourage costing billions of my hard earned money 💵. I gather the assembly is over and he is still in the USA on my bill and an elite university calls this humanity.Anyway, God can see all this.

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