Ex-VP Kachali Accuses Chilima Of Stealing MCP Manifesto:Calls Him Angry Man

Chilima accused of stealing MCP Manifesto

Former Vice President of Malawi Khumbo Kachali has accused Saulosi Chilima of stealing manifesto for Malawi Congress Party.

He warned Malawians through his Facebook page and this is what he said.

Fellow citizens, I would like to condemn any form of political violence. It has no place in a democratic Malawi and I would like to urge our police to do the rightful thing and bring to book all those that are perpetrating this misconduct.

I would also like to urge fellow Malawians to think critically of a Malawi that we need post May, 2019. I am aware that the euphoria that accompanied the launch of our Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Chilima’s party (UTM) has died down. If one asks an average Malawian on the street about UTM, their answer is that its just one of those parties. However, that is not enough.

I would ask that you seriously consider the unrealistic promises of UTM. You will discover that all of what Right Honourable Chilima says has been stolen from the MCP’s 2014 manifesto. Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has been condemning corruption, promised to end quota, free ACB, promised in fact more than 1million jobs, universal subsidy, reforms etc.

What Right Honourable Chilima has done is to add anger on the messaging element. For he is an angry man for being sidestepped on his presidential ambitions in DPP.

Look, UTM is a group of bitter individuals fighting for their personal relevance and political ‘oxygen’. Just check out the characters that surround Right Honourable Chilima. They have no agenda of their own for this country. All they do at their rallies is vent their inside pain of fury. Fellow patriots, let us be wise!

Thanks and have a blessed weekend.

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