‘Lets Fights For The Betterment Of Our Women Globally,’ Mutharika Speaks At UN Women-HeForShe Impact Summit At UN

Mutharika addressing HeForShe gathering in New York

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika who was appointed global champion for the HeForShe campaign under the Impact 10X10X10, in recognition of his commitment to advance the promotion and support of women empowerment and gender equality has asked people around the world to jointly put a gallant fight to push for the betterment of women lives across the globe.

Mutharika made the remarks at Cipriani Hotel in New York where he was invited to address the gathering with other heads of State which included Finland, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Rwanda in absentia.

Malawi leader said for a long time in human history, gender has been used as a reason for inflicting violence on women in spite the claim by ourselves to be civilized in our modern time.

He4She impact summit

“We must secure the participation of local leaders and various stakeholders who influences beliefs in our social fabric. Then both men and women must be convinced that the laws against gender-based violence are in their own interest to follow.” He said.

The HeForShe Champion went further to share how he is committed that women are protected in Malawi.

He said to ensure that women are protected and empowered in Malawi, his government has increased the national budget with 14 % for child protection.

The Malawi leader said his government is also moving towards establishment of women empowerment fund so that women should be empowered economically.

Mutharika shared a success story of a young girl who was impregnated and dropped out of school . She was forced to look after herself as the man denied responsibility of the pregnancy and the unborn child but she was rescued from the jaws of infliction through community colleges, a program which Mutharika started in 2014 by administration by giving her training in vocation skills, and that after completions, she found herself a good job and enabled her to be self-reliance financially.

In addition, Mutharika said his government is putting up a legal frame work which will seek to protect girls from any forms of discrimination and make sure that all girls have good access to education.

“We have a campaign to make sure that all girls go back to school and attain high education as far as they can go, by so doing we will make our girls self-depended, ” Mutharika said.
The global campaign was launched in September 2014 and in Malawi, the campaign was officially launched by Mutharika on February 25 2015.

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