Chakwera Fails To Take Care Of His Brother: Lavishing In Poverty While He Builds A MK 0.6 Bn Mansion

Chakwera brother in poverty

Leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarus Chakwera has been accused of ignoring his own blood brother, who is reportedly lavishing in poverty at his home village Kasiya in Lilongwe, while Chakwera himself is busy building multi billion houses and driving poshy cars in town.

Chakwera who wants Malawians to trust him with the Presidency is failing to provide his brother with a decent home , forcing him to continue living in a leaking  slam which even Chakwera himself uses when he goes to the village.

While they say charity begins at home, Chakwera is failing to take care of his own people and it is so clear that he has no heart and if he cant help his own people, what more with Malawians he does not know.

This is a clear sign that he is hurtles and does not care.



  • This is not news to write, mwasowa zolemba? These are family matters and matsiku ano you should work not depending on others, aliyense kwao amphawi alipo, ena ndiwosayamika ungawathandize Maka wawo ndi mowa basi ndiye uzichita kumukakamiza munthu, kumusiya basi azipanga zake. Mukuganiza kuti muzizapasidwa zinthu zawulele? Work, osagwira ntchito asadye

  • Akulu mwalemba izi you need to be matured where do you think chakwera will get money simudziwa chilichonse inusimungamange nyumba chifukwa brother wanu akugona nyumba yodotha be matured guys politics should not disturbe your ideas remove your week mind set
    His brother has his own children’s like chakwera so politics should not confuse you baba

  • Akulu mwathandizako abale anu angati?

  • Chakwera simukugonanaye tulo et? Munya muona

  • Chakwera simukugonanaye tulo et? Munya muona

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