APM Promises More Development Projects To Transform The North: Addresses Blue Sea At Mpherembe


Blue Sea AT Mphelembe

Malawi President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika has promised more development projects in the northern region apart from the ongoing road projects, Mombera University, water projects, rural electrification, community colleges, Malata and cement subsidy programs among others  to transform the region further.

Mutharika was optimistic that  come 2024. Malawi can be transformed beyond recognition and that there may not  even be  a single glass thatched house for the less privileged.

Mutharika was speaking at Mpherembe where he addressed thousands of people who had gathered .

He pointed out 20 major projects taking shape in the northern region and promised further projects to make sure that the region which MCP declared as dead north should develop much.

The president said DPP was committed to improving the lives of Malawians and that come 2019, they should vote for him and the DPP to remain in power for continued development.

Turning to politics, Mutharika assured the gathering that he wants the people from the region to make sure that it gives DPP all the constituencies in the north and that when primaries start, the will of the people must be respected to make sure that they put in candidates who are wanted by the grassroots.


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