Desperate CSO’s, Opposition , Movements Ashamed As Mutharika Provides Statistics Crushing Nepotism In His Govt

Mutharika and Minister Mhango

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday put all critics to shame when he told thousands of people at  Bolero in Rumphi that  regardless of having  bigger populations the Central region and the Southern region are  in some cases the least represented in terms of senior government positions contrary to what some CSO’s, opposition parties and desperate movements have been saying that his government is nepotistic.

According to the statictics on the ground show that positions in government are fairly distributed. For instance, in the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal and High Court of Malawi, he said the Northern Region has 13 judges, the South has 10, Central Region has four and Eastern Region has nine.

He specifically said Supreme Court of Appeal has nine judges with eight from the North, one from Centre while Southern Region has none on the bench.

In terms of senior servants, he said the Central Region has the most officers occupying grades A to E at 179 followed by the Southern Region with 158, Eastern Region—including Ntcheu District which in terms of administration is regarded as in the Central Region—has 144 and the North has 116.

The statistics provided by President Mutharika are in agreement to the ones given by the Chief Secretary to the government  Lloyd Muhara a week ago in response to a petition delivered to government in  April 2018 by CSOs .


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