Chilima To Run For Malawi Presidency On A Coalition Ticket : To Make The Announcement Today

Mutharika cooling down Chilima previous

Vice President of Malawi Saulos Chilima is expected to to announce that he will run for the country’s Presidency in the coming election not as a independent but a Coalition ticket,we can confidently reveal.

According to our investigation, Chilima will partner a political party which was registered by speaker Richard Msowoya and others, who recently resigned from MCP.

It has also been established that all small political parties that do not have a representation in Parliament, even does not have a local government member will be part of the Coalition.


  • Kutha ma plan. Kuchoka m’beseni kugwera mlichero.

  • Kellz mateche

    Big up to chilima’s plan. I’ve got a full vote for him. Chilima is a big deal.

  • To hell with the old man and his Destroyers of Public Peace party!!! All patriotic Malawians want CHILIMA TO BE OUR PRESIDENT come 21 May, 2019. GO CHILIMA! GO! Moto kuti buuuuuuuu!!!

    • I am a patriotic Malawian but Chilima is not my choice because he is greedy, power-hungry, ungrateful and USELESS. He is an opportunist who is being misled and he has no plan at all.

  • My whole village we are voting for chilima

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