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MCP’ Dzonzi Mocks Chilima Movement :Gym Alone Or Being 45 Yrs Doesn’t Make One President But Ability

Kusamba Dzonzi hits at VP Chilima

Kusamba Dzonzi hits at VP Chilima

Barely a day after Dowa west parliamentarian for opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi denied of joining the Chilima movement.

Malawi Parliamentarians on Thursday busted into laughter when Dzonzi  beefed the Vice President Saulos Chilima’s movement, calling it childish and lacking vision when all they can tell Malawians is that they need Chilima as the next leader for Malawi, citing that he is physically fit because he goes to the gym, does sporting activities and he is 45 years of age.

He was responding to a motion which was brought into parliament by one of Chilima movement officials, Chidanti Malunga to have the age limit of Malawi President set at 65.

“We do not need to support this motion to have Malawi President age limit set to 65 just  because some misguided people want us to support their candidate because he is 45. Its not about being 45 years of age, going to the gym that make one a good President of Malawi but his ability.” Mocked Dzonzi.

He added that, “what else are these people telling this nation apart from we need a 45 years president? Malawians are not foolish and do not take them for granted. Running a country is a very serious business so stop playing with Malawians with this clueless movement by bringing such useless bills to the august house.”

The whole house laughed in a mocking way to Chilima movement and the motion was shot down.

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