LL Academy Headmaster Richard Chikudo Accused Of Sexually Harassing Female Workers,Parents :Buying Girls Pants At The Institution

Chikudo turns threat to students

Lilongwe Academy Headmader pf Zimbabwean origin Richard Chikudo has been accused of  sexually  harassing female members  of staff at the institution, young girl students , female parents and guardians of some students at the institution, Malawi Independent has established.

According to our sources at Lilongwe Academy, the Zimbabwe originated Head teacher is reported to be sending pornographic video clips  and pictures female members of staff at the work place  to entice them to sleep with him .

Our investigations have found out that  at one point, Headmaster Chikudo  he was caught having sex with one of the female staff (Identity Withheld) by force  in science laboratory , upon threating her that she would be fired if she denied him her forbidden fruit.

To make matters worse, Chikudo has been sleeping with another lady whose husband is a pastor and they stay in Area 18 to the extent of impregnating her. Chikudo identified this woman at one time when she was picking her kid from Lilongwe Academy.

As that is not enough, several parents have returned underwears to Mr. Chikudo which were allergically bought to their lady kids by him.

As we were conducting our investigations at the school, we caught Chikudo pants down last week busy capturing “matako”of a female teacher who he was supervising .

Chikudo is the caliber who many female teachers have told us that he sends them pornographic pictures even while they are teaching and when they report the matters to the Director Dr. Zingano who is the church elder at Lingadzi CCAP, he does nothing about it.

Just last week when he was supervising a new teacher he was busy kumujambula matako and sending her porn pictures while the teacher was in front teaching ,most staff members are now getting worried because he likes calling young girls to his office and the fear is he might showing the m pornographic pictures.

The strange thing is that our directors The Likes of Dr Zingano Who is a church elder at Lingadzi CCap know about this but nothing has been done .

Despite that , Chikudo is the highest paid at the institution ,he gets a salary of close to K 4 million but he does nothing apart from standing at the car park in the morning admiring matako amakolo akamasiya ana mmamawa .

Chikudo is being referred to as a threat now as he continues calling young girls to his office and forcing them to kiss him , touch his cock and buying them pants .



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