Cracks In MCP Widen As MP’s Of Msowoya Camp Strikes Deal With Chilima: To Make Statement After Budget Session

Cracks continue in MCP

Cracks are continuing to emerge in opposition Malawi Congress Party, with the recent being the resigning of Hon. Luis Chakwantha yesterday who later Led members of parliament; Hon. Juliana Lunguzi and Hon. Kusamba Dzonzi to a meeting which took place at saulos Chilimas residence in Area 12.

The meeting was attended by twelve others to introduce the MCP parliamentarians who belong to the Msowoya faction in MCP to the Chilima team.

Reports indicate that Msowoya and Chilima are in talks to pair in the coming elections.

According to our sources , the two camps have stricken a deal which will see 26 MCP parliamentarians resigning from the opposition party after the budget session comes to an end , and they will hold a press conference where their next political movement will be made known to the public .

Squabbles started in MCP when Started ignoring the NEC which was election in the 2013 Convention and replaced it with his own puppets .

Things got worse when he brought Mia to the MCP , a move which created divisions between Chakwera and Msowoya further



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