VP Hits At MCP For It’s Poor Leadership, “Tiyeni Tisinthe Tambala” As He Continues Talks With Msowoya

VP hits at MCP

Vice President Saulos Chilima has hit at Malawi Congress Party for its poor leadership under Lazarus Chakwera, saying the time is now for the people in MCp to change from the black cock to something new different.

Speaking at Kagwa Parish , Chilima said you don’t change the breed of a Chicken by plucking it’s feathers rather changing its cock , meaning MCP can’t speak of change if it has the same faces and current leadership, but bring in new leadership .

Chilima is reportedly in talks with Speaker Msowoya to partner him in 2019 elections as his running mate



  • Mchochombe wa chiyankhulo chaChichewa

    This type of reporting is what is destroying our country. Who do you want to mislead? Go back and consult your chichewa books or ask those who can help you with the meaning of that word osati mbwerera walemba apazi

    • I think you should blame Chilima for using a wrong and misleading analogy as if he is half-educated. Here is how stupid his changing-the-cock illustration is:

      1. Chilima doesn’t realise he himself is a DPP cock who has left the party hence he has DPP blood and genes which carries to his Movement.
      2. The ‘cock’ is a symbol of MCP so he is implying MCP has to change leadership at the top.
      3. His analogy shows complete ignorance of reproduction – that both the cock and hen provide genes to their offspring. He is assuming breeding is only about a cock.
      4. This analogy should not have been made at a church function.

  • Chilima has spoken nothing against MCP here. This idiom is about the current govt. He is urging pole to eradicate DPP govt completely for a better change.

    Mr. reporter, mumachidziwadi Chichewa or u need to go back to class. Sizoyenera kubwera Nazi poyerra mbwerera zimenezi. Shame!

    • AKC, your comment shows how pathetic you are in terms of critical analysis. Have you ever studied literature and understood how an expression can be interpreted in different ways. As such, a skilful politician will carefully think about their analogy before they say it to remove any ambiguity and convey the exact meaning that they intend to communicate to their audience. I’m afraid, this has shown how Chilima’s intellectual prowess is very weak. His analogy talks about change within the context of a cock’s genealogy – why would he do that if he did not mean MCP whose party symbol is a cock. So, even if he was intending to talk about change of the (DPP) regime, the stupidity in his analogy has given leeway to another meaning. Some of us now realise, Chilima akuchepera kaba.

      • Leave the future president alone you un educated fools it’s u who need to go to xool. He mentioned no party if the reporter made a mistake it doesn’t mean it’s him. We need change don’t just urgue if u don’t understand read and shut the f……. Up

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