Evangelical Church Divided Over Pastoral Letter Contents: We Have Turned Hypocrites, PoliticiansAnd Disgrace To The Nation

Church leadership divided over pastoral letter

Divisions have erupted in the leadership of the Evangelical Church of Malawi over a pastoral letter scheduled to be read out in its churches this Sunday.

A section of the leadership of the church have described the letter as hypocritical and political on the part of the church.

Among the contents, the letter accuses the government over attacks which people living with albinism have been experiencing in the country.

One of the pastors said it is sheer hypocrisy for Evangelical Church of Malawi and the church in general to accuse the government of not doing anything to protect albinos.

“This is dishonest. And coming from the church, it is worrisome. On the issue of albino attacks, government has done well through its law enforcement agencies. This is well known. It is the church that has failed to do anything to support the government,” said one of the pastors in church.

He added: “We know of a bishop who killed our brother Masambuka in Machinga. His church and the church in Malawi in general in Malawi have been quiet about it. Only Muslims have spoken out. So what will our members say hearing us condemning government and not condemning ourselves?”

Todate, apart from demonstrated political will by the President, only government has in place a 6-point strategy which it is implementing in the fight against albino attacks while no church in Malawi is known to have any plan in place.

The Evangelical Church leaders are also at issue with the question of electorial reforms bills which the letter is raising.

Government took the bills to Parliament in December and MPs rejected them.

“We all know that cabinet did its part. The bill went to Parliament. Both oppostion and government MPs rejected it. So why is this letter going to government and not to Parliament? We suspect the church is playing politics and we do not want to be party to it,” said another pastor in the church.

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