Chilima Movement Divided: Supporters Want Members With Criminal Records To Step Aside


Movement divided

Supporters of the Chilima movement have divided with the majority  proposing that those with  cases to answer or connected to criminal offenses must step aside to avoid denting the image of the movement, else they will make no difference and it will be easy for Malawians to lose trust in them as some top leaders in the movement have questionable credentials, a development which does not inspire the electorates.

According to a document we have seen about a meeting which took pace in Lilongwe some days ago, the gathering agreed that Patricia Kaliati , Noel Masangwi, Richard Makondi, Luis Ngalande and others must first clear their names in several cases which they were mentioned . Some of the cases are related to the cash gate scandal, Nyika Platue consession project, MRA tax evasion, Murder of Robert Chasowa and use of cars which are believed to have been stolen in other counties.

“What message are we going to tell Malawians that the Chilima movement is different from other political parties  and has the future to develop this nation with clean politicians when our leading team is  almost in courts everyday answering different  criminal cases,” wondered one Kadawati.

They proposed Chidanti Malunga to be the interim leader of the movement and not Masangwi for numerous reasons they listed in their communique.

This publication has learnt that other officials from the movement are planning to issue a statement before July to distance the Transformation movement from the likes of Masangwi, Ngalande, Kaliati and Makondi who they are considering as not being clean politicians.

Things fall apart


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