Rumphi-Njakwa-Livingstonia Road Taking Shape: APM’s DPP Led Govt Delivering On Promises

Rumphi-Njakwa-Livingstonia road takes shape under APM

The 80 km road which the White colonialists, Malawi Congress Party’ 30 years did nothing about, United Democratic Front (UDF) and the People’s Party (PP) era  failed to put tar mark will soon wear a new face,  with DPP government under the leadership of President Arthur Peter Mutharika as vast progress has been made on the Rumphi-Njakwa-Livingstonia road.

In  March 2015, President Mutharika  launched a construction project for the  Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba, a  road a development which has  brought smiles to many of Rumphi residents particularly in the north constituency of the district as their dream to have a good road network for the past 50 plus  years of independence is coming to its reality.

During his run for Malawi Presidency in 2014 elections  DPP Manifesto, Mutharika promised that once voted into power, he would make sure that this road is constructed  just like the Phalombe District Hospital project which many regimes used as a campaign tool but they failed to live to their promise.

The construction of the long neglected 80 KM  Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba Road which will be done by Mota-Engil and the project is expected to take  three years.



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