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MCP Financier Sidik Mia In Financial Crisis As He Sells 80% Shares In Cold Storage,Abandon Kabula Flats Project

Chakwera under Fire

Conman Sidik Mia sells 80 % shares in his Cold storage coy

Malawi Congress Party financier and power hungry politician who is pushing himself to be MCP running mate in the coming elections, Sidik Mia is in financial crisis with recent revelations coming out that he has sold 80% shares in  Cold Storage in order to be bankrolling  crocodiles party errands.

One of the senior staff at S & A Cold storage has told this publication that Mia has of now run out of money due to his extravagance in MCP , leaving him with no option but sell major shares in the company since the terrorists groups from Middle East and North Africa where he was getting money have abandoned him, saying they don’t see MCP making it to power, and it will be hard for Mia to fulfill the promises he made to them as he will be not in government.

Our publication has further investigated that this fiscal crisis has seen Mia abandoning the flats project he was carrying at  his compound in Kabula, since he has no money to pay his laborers and buy building materials.

Sources  close to Mia say if the trend continues, by 2019 when MCP will lose another election, Mia have nothing left with him.


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