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Sidik Mia Bankrupt: Seeking Donations From Terrorist Groups For MCP Campaign Using Website

Mia bankrupt

Mia bankrupt now asking for donations from terror groups

Opposition Malawi Congress Party main financier Mohammad Sidik Mia is bankrupt, and no longer able to finance MCP operations forcing him to coax terrorists groups to be financing MCP in exchange of oil exploration in Lake Malawi as a pay back once the crocodile party  is voted into power.

This publication understands that Mia has been advised by several terror group who are wrecking havoc in Africa and Middle east to create a website where they will be making donations, as a cover up while they will be depositing huge some of money into his personal account for MCP campaign.

Malawi has been known as a peace loving country and Malawians will never allow Sidik Mia to bring political unrest  in the country with the money he is pocketing from terrorist groups to finance MCP in the run to 2019 elections.


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