SKC Has Not Spoken On DPP Presidential Bid: He Is Well With APM ,Don’t Use His Name For Your Gains: Mutharika’s Aide Speaks

Mutharika’s aide warn the people of Ntcheu not to be used

President Arthur  Peter Mutharika’s close aide and  long time serving  confidante Norman Chisale has warned kinsmen in Ntcheu to refrain from being used by frustrated politicians who are trying to use Chilima’s  name as a tool for  their political survival after failing out of grace with their political master President Mutharika.

Chisale was speaking in Ntcheu recently in his capacity as one of the sons from the  district after noticing that some people , especially those who were fired from cabinet positions or have not succeeded hoodwinking   the Mutharika’s administration were dragging the Vice President  Saulos Chilima  name who also hails from the same district in their political survival games as a tool to advance their personal sinister motives.
“The people advocating for Chilima Presidency  have their own issues and they are putting words in Saulos Chilima’s mouth when we all know that Chilima who comes from this area has not said anything like standing as the next president in 2019 under DPP. They want to use him and us. If they honestly want to replace President Mutharika in the DPP party, why are they dragging Saulos Chilima into their plan?Why can’t they choose the replacement from among themselves?” Queried Chisale.
Mutharika’s aide Chisale went ahead to warn the people of Ntcheu that those causing confusion in DPP will be ashamed not long from now because  President Mutharika and Chilima are so far work together , bonding well and their relationship is in good shape .
“We the people of Ntcheu, we will not be used by these few people calling themselves Chilima movement and we will not rest or allow them to use  the Vice President name and the people of Ntcheu into their personal project . Lets not get involved. They should not use us,” Chisale retorted.
He added that Chilima has a great political future in DPP but he feared that there is a conspiracy among some south based politicians to destroy him by igniting a feud between him and his President.
Chisale stressed that Mutharika will be DPP torchbearer in 2019 elections and from his confidence it is clear that he had the blessing of his master President Mutharika and even the Vice President himself.

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