Stranded Patricia Kaliati Begs For Fuel After Chilima Movement Presser: Bailed Out By MCP’ Kenneth Bwanali

Rebel Kaliati begs for fuel

After addressing a press conference on Thursday in support of Vice President Saulos Chilima, one of the main speakers Patricia Kaliati was stranded to travel back to her home in Mulanje and had to ask for fuel from a male colleague at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Lilongwe.

The male colleague, Kenneth Bwanali, sympathizing with the legislators, told her that he could afford K100,000.00. And Kaliati got big relief.

Bwanali asked her to drive to his office where Kaliati parked her Nissan Tilda along the main road where she was given the money. This happened on Friday.

Our investigations reveal that some overzealous officers at the USAID office ensured that CCTV cameras captured the two as they interacted and as Kaliati received the money.

We have also established that Bwanali is a Malawi Congress Party member who wanted to challenge party president Lazarus Chakwera on the position of president at the recent convention. He failed to do so as Chakwera called for the convention unexpectedly. He also removed names of some members who wanted to contest for various positions.

Kaliati is one of Democratic Progressive Party members who have turned against President Peter Mutharika and are now supporting Chilima as presidential candidate in next year’s elections.

We have also established that all those leading the Chilima movement are doing so because of frustrations in the ruling DPP under Peter Mutharika. For example, Kaliati herself complained to Mutharika that his administration is not giving her businesses. Mulanje South MP and comedian Bon Kalindo fell out of grace with the ruling party and he was chased at one of the rallies in Mulanje.

Noel Masangwi, another supporter of Chilima and also DPP legislator, is a bitter member of the party who says is failing to do well in business under Mutharika administration. He was also fired from his position as regional governor for the South. Masangwi has many cases of tax evasion at the Malawi Revenue Authority.

Richard Makondi,another senior member of the DPP and now in Chilima camp, is wondering why DPP government does not rescue him from the case he has with the Anti Corruption Bureau.

Louis Ngalande is another bitter member and now with Chilima. The party did not allow him to stand for the position of mayor in Blantyre because of his character and personality.

Former first lady Callista Mutharika who started the Chilima circus, is another frustrated person. She did not get what she expected after the death of her husband, the late president Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. She is also angry because traditionally, she is not yet freed by the family.

“All those advancing Chilima’s agenda are disgruntled and frustrated people who cannot be taken seriously. Their battle is not in good faith. They think that if Chilima becomes president, he will consider them for positions in government so that they recover from the financial crises they are going through. Chilima should have got better people with clean hands if he was to be taken seriously,” said a political analyst who refused to be named….


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