Former Speaker Henry Chimunthu Back In Active Politics: Wants To Be Secretary General To Lead Ruling Party To Another Landslide

Chimunthu back in frontline politics

Former speaker and  ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) once mighty  secretary general Henry Chimunthu Banda is set to bounce back in frontline politics after a five year sabbatical  leave in active politics, on a mission to lead the mighty blue party to another landslide victory .

Chimunthu Banda, a former teacher who joined politics as Nkhotakota north parliamentarian rose to as high as the speaker of parliament .

He led DPP under Late president Bingu wa Mutharika to secured a landslide victory in 2009 when he served as the CEO of the party.


  • He’s the right man who can take dpp to greater heights, osati enawa ntchito miseche basi

  • People should not think that they are on the driving seat of every event that takes place under the sun.God who is in total control of every event had already set the entey and exit point for everyone no matter how crooky you may be but that crooksness comes to an end one time.There is this saying “you can cheat people at a time and not for ever..Zoti DDP will win with landslide victory ndi maganizo achumba.Mind you everyone has only one climax.Talira mokwanila.A Israel atalira mokwanira time came,they were freed from the bondage of slavery in Egypt.This time will be Malawians.Amen

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