DPP Will Win With A Landslide, We Are Eyeing More Than 100 Parliamentary Seats: Declares President Mutharika

DPP eyeing more than 100 parliamentary seats

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika has challenged the DPP rebels calling themselves Chilima movement to forget forcing him out of power, as he will take the ruling party to the next election and win with a landslide.

Speaking at the finishing point at Limbuli in Mulanje, Mutharika said the rebellious DPP officials cannot intimidate him and DPP will remain focused as the party want to get more than 120 parliamentary seats in the next election

“I dont fear a two legged person, even a three legged animal or a four legged animal. I dont fear anybody, I only fear God,” he said in a charged tone.

The president said former president Joyce Banda tried to intimidate him but failed and he went on to win the presidential election of 2014.

“In the 2019 election we will triump again and put all the rebels and evil minded people to shame who want to sell our mighty DPP.”Said Mutharika.

APM had an eleven point whistle stop tour where thousands of DPP supporters vame to listen to their leader.

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