Chilima Movement Panics With DPP’ Convention Notice: Wants To Stop The Indaba As Presser Agenda Leaks

Rebellious against his master Mutharika

The rebellious political movement being spearheaded by Vice President Saulos Chilima and being championed by some frustrated Democratic Progressive Party officials has called for a press conference in Lilongwe today, barely a day after the ruling party’s Secretary General announced of the party’s convention in June, taking them by surprise as they were planning to push the party leadership to do the same.

According to the DPP constitution, the Secretary General of DPP has the powers to call for a convention. In view of the fact that National Governing Council  of the ruling party is in an acting capacity , since all the positions felt vacant upon the expiry of their term, the party has decided that they meet soon to decide on the date hence making the announcement.

The Chilima movement is reportedly bitter with the call and wants to go against the announcement by saying the secretary General of the party does not have such mandate to call for a convention.

Interestingly though is the fact that all along they have been going around asking the party to call for an immediate convention which was an indication that they were long prepared.

Our sources from the  frustrated Chilima camp has also told this publication that another issue on the agenda is to claim that the DPP convention will bar the Vice President’s camp from attending the convention and such being the case, the pro Chilima camp wants to disrupt the convention by either acts of violence or getting a court injunction to stop the indaba. However, no intention or plans are there to bar anyone who is eligible to contest or is a bona fide delegate from the convention.

As that is not enough, Chilima camp has paid some youth from the party who are disgruntled to come out and say they were paid by DPP operatives to be beating members of the VP team, and that they are tired of that , such being the case, they want to align themselves with Saulos Klaus Chilima.

Members who were fired from Mutharika’s cabinet or lost in the last convention have ganged up to drum support for Saulos Chilima, saying he must be torch bearer of DPP in the coming election, when President Mutharika already expressed the call to take the DPP to another landslide in 2019 election.

Ever since the calls started, VP Chilima has not come out in the open to speak on such calls but reports indicate he is the one pushing the people to make such calls and that he will not speak yet to avoid exposing his presidential ambitions bid.

So far for the presidential position, only President Mutharika has openly expressed his interest to contest.

One comment

  • whether it’s Muntharika or Chilima but the “back room staff” will still be from DPP a thing which will not change matters at all. So the best way is butt all of them out of government.

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