GonorreaThe Malawi Independent inquest has established that Bvumbwe Trading Centre, in Thyolo District, is under doom from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), notably Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

A radius of 700metres from Bvumbwe Police Roadblock has a total of 26 drinking joints, a development that has resulted into the area becoming a haven for prostitution. Compounded with lack of entertainment facilities and activities, taking alcohol, buying and selling sexual services has become main activity.

The situation has resulted in almost 300 people getting treated for various types of STIs at both Bvumbwe Banja Lamtsogolo and public clinics, in the last 35 days, according to a medical officer who corroborated Malawi Independent’s findings.

“6 in every 10 commercial sex workers have had STIs treatment in the last 35 days and we fear the situation might worsen if more people continue to indulge in unprotected sex,” said the official.

And according to one of the bar tenders, Bvumbwe has experienced an upsurge in the number of prostitutes plying their trade in the area.

“It seems sex trade is thriving at Bvumbwe as more players keep on migrating from other areas to here. So it is not surprising that cases of STIs are on the rise,” said the bar tender.

With the influx of prostitutes at Bvumbwe, sex has become a very cheap, with others offering services at as low as K500.



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