Ex-Chief Justice-MCP Presidential Aspirant Lovemore Munlo Joins Hands With District Chairmen To Call For Fresh MCP Convention

Munlo calls for a fresh MCP convention

Former Chief Justice and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Presidential aspirant in the run to 2014 elections, who challenged Chakwera on the Presidential post in 2013 convention has called upon for a fresh convention for opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), saying all the 11 contestant in the previous convention were ready to challenge Chakwera, but they were played in such a way that when they were getting ready for the convention, the next moment they were told MCP had already done the convention which did not follow the constitution of the party in calling for the convention.

Munlo has said the MCP convention which was done is not legitimate way as the district chairmen were not involved and proper procedures were not followed.

“Am joining district chairmen to call for a fresh convention in MCP, what was done in MCP was not a convention which we know, we were 11 contestants in the previous convention but what happened that Chakwera and his convention had gone unopposed,where were the other people,” Charged Munlo.

He added that a convention for MCP was supposed to elect MCP members but to the surprise of many, those who were elected at such convention were non-MCP members and he insisted that if it means going to court, they will challenge this convention which was done until justice is brought in MCP.

The learned and respected man of law urged the people in MCP to protect the party and the integrity which Kamuzu Banda build the party on.


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  • Nonsense , only lia mongers are brainless enough to buy such fictions, lallaland dwellers imaginations, who sit aimlessly in their homes and dream up stories to circulate.

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