Mlaka Maliro

Mlaka Maliro: I demand withdrawal of the song

Gifted musician cum Pastor, Mlaka Maliro has expressed anger at Peter Uyu Mlangeni for mimicking him in a song that is attacking President Peter Mutharika.

In the song, currently circulating on social media, Mlangeni stole Mlaka Maliro’s unmissable composition and singing style to attack President Mutharika over the current internal politics in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The development has pushed Mlaka at the receiving end of attack from President Mutharika’s supporters as many are not able to note that it was not him who did the song.

But in an exclusive interview with Malawi Independent on Friday, Mlaka has strongly condemns Mlangeni saying it was glossily wrong for the Lilongwe based musician to use him as ‘Chigoba’ in his unwarranted attack on the Head of State.

“I am a servant of the Lord now and I understand very well that there is no leadership that comes from nowhere but from God. I can only advise the State Leadership in the same fashion of ancient prophets, but I cannot insult the King. It is therefore very wrong for someone to use my identity to insult the President.

“The church, through which I serve, The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) is currently enjoying a very good relationship with the current administration, President Mutharika in particular, I can therefore not being naïve to destroy all this over petty internal politics.

“I am therefore demanding that the artist in question should either re-do his song and take away my identity or withdraw it altogether, otherwise I will be seeking a redress from Musicians Association of Malawi and Copyright authorities,” said Mlaka.

Mlangeni could not pick up his phone, while MUM asked for more time as they were yet to listen to the song.


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