Meet 15 Sex Addicts And Cheating Married Malawian Women:Part 1

Cheating Malawian ladies exposed

Njewa list (15 of 100) part 2 80%

  1. Ida chicker chabs: ( married to an old man, she hunts for fresh men and men with big dick) Ida, her nudes once went viral on social media. Was at the lake with a young dude , naked, and some pictures showing a dick into her busy pussy. But the old man forgave her and kept her as wife. It is rumoured, her husband has no say amamudyetsa khwakhwanana from karonga. She usually parks her car at crossroads then to places meeting men to end her sexual desire. Nkhalamba anyamata akuidyela ndalama zake komaso punana wake.
  2. Lydia Kajiya: married to mtendere Kajiya.

Mtendere is that guy who was caught stealing chocolate in chipiku some time back. He does not work. However, he is the one who finds customers for his wife. His wife fucks big men in town whom are hooked by her own husband. It’s not cheating since they arrange it but it’s a dirty game.

  1. Sarli Jaan: married to a Chinese ( fucks around for money and big dicks) she is not satisfied with the Chinese dick thus going around for those who have a dick blessing
  • Nyenyezi Estralla! ( She was once a prostitute going in pubs) a certain soldier took her out of pub and married her. The soldier to protect his name, we will not mention him. He went to DRC , has been supporting this woman but back home here she has been going around with different men. The soldier in question got injured in DRC. Nyenyezi Estralla started going out with a certain rich guy who ask her to dump the man. She is now on plans to move into this new man since the soldier is injured

  • Dollmable: Married but fucks out with several guys! She also takes drugs so much! Mable is famous in town as a model, and slay queen. She sells sex so.much than her lipstick.

  • Mable was once married to Chris Bvumbwe, she was caught cheating several times, then he divorced her. She then disturbed Mr khonjes marriage, who had kids, that to this day the house she stays in area 43, it’s where khonje stayed with his x wife. Now khonje went to Europe for job. Since mable ndi hule , she could not stay out there with his man for long, she decided to start dollmable lipstick for her to come back home to be as if akupanga business yet she is meeting Indians for sex and other her old customers. She likes Indians for her to get drugs. She is a drug addict

    1. Tadala chihana, wife to Enock chihana! Fucks Ulemu msungama ! And she used to sleep out with him whenever her husband is out ! And their house boy reported it to Mr chihana. She fired the house boy Mr Frank Kadwala From ntcheu. ( She is now dating some pastor in RSA)
  • Esther Khamba. She fucks around, goes to njewa and was caught , now on separation. Hubby sent her out

  • Ina khulumana. Married to a 78 year old white man , he is old, so the wife fucks around in search of maximum ogasm. She meets a number of young men around Lilongwe

  • Rita Sibande, wife to Mr sibande manager of chichiri shoprite. He opened business and built houses for her. But often lies to her husband that she has gone to china for business yet amakhala Ali mu ma lodge in Lilongwe hidding and men just visit her in the lodges sleeping with other men. She stays in Lilongwe for two weeks or so before going back, pretending she is back from.china ( the man trust the woman beyond that he does not even ask for passport or even escorting her to airport) kufasa koopysa.

  • Royce, whose name changed to Hope Don brionis

  • Royce has been a hooker at Lilongwe hotel for ages where she met an old white guy , owner of Don brionis restaurant in Lilongwe. Royce her life was really changed financially by this old man, but despite her being an old woman , she does not accept it, she cheats on her old husband with young boys around town. Very ungrateful and unfaithful woman who loves sex with young boys in town

    1. Chisomo Sangala : married to a rich white guy, but not satisfied in bed such that who does not know her in Lilongwe, who can say him or his friend has not fucked this woman. Eish apa nde no explanation uyu ndi worse. She brings men in her matrimonial home, on her husbands bed, the likes of Tay grin, and Mathambo, that kwataine famous guy, komaso Nathan, husband to Nazril , all these fuck this woman
  • Kondwani Gogo kadango thindwa.

  • She is Married, yet one of those that park cars to meet men, she cheats on her man for money and looking for big dicks

    1. Caro Sapa. Married to Jeff Sapa. Jeff left his first Wife and now stays with Caro in 49, Caro cheats on him, she meets men at a boys quarter( guest wing) in area 9. The guest wing is rented by some hookers. Jeff knows of his wife cheating but seems to have no option

    2. Chimwemwe Saka: wife to Gift Nankhuni,. Chimwene learnt that her husband goes out with daughter to Omar bogus, Rashid, she then started meeting big men in town. She usually parks her car and game complex then gets into a range Rover, they usually head to area 25 where she meets her fuck mates .

    3. Suzen Nzima; married to a certain Doctor! The woman is heartless and careless. She gets out with her boyfriends openly in public, places like mbowe , cockpit and from there, they go fucking. One of the women who live a life of no respect to her husband. She stays in area 47 sector 1. The old man spoils her but she is never satisfied.

    One comment

    • There is nothing wrong with a woman having extra-marital affairs. Men have done this and continue to do so. Let these women enjoy their life. By the way, it takes two to tango. The women are NOT prostitutes, if they are, then men who have extra marital affairs are prostitutes too. Palibe nkhani apa. Shame on those who think kuyalusana is a good thing.

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