Past Haunts Usi Of Manganya Fame:Villagers Demand Apology Over Witchcraft Accusations

Manganya in court 1

Manganya: Stands accused by villagers

People from Michael Usi’s Golden Village in Mulanje feel the comedian owes them an unconditional apology for describing them as witches and wizards some years back.

Usi, better known for his stage name of Manganya plans to contest as Member of Parliament for Mulanje Central Constituency in May 2019 elections.

But members from his own village told Malawi Independent on Wednesday that Usi must first apologise for accusing them of bewitching his mother.

“He said the village was jealousy of his mother for raising a successful and rich son in him. To cement the claims, Manganya resettled him from the village to Luchenza, in Thyolo District. Now that he want us to seal his parliamentary bid, we feel he must apologise first, otherwise how can we, witches vote for him?” said Andesen Mwantapa from the village.

“It still hurt us that as educated as he is, he could sunk that low and accuse the whole village of bewitching his mother over jealousy,” he added.

There was no immediate reaction from Manganya as effort to speak to him proved futile.




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