Peoples Party Takes Over MCP:Convention Elects 60% Of PP Non-Parliamentarians Into MCP’ NEC


Chakwera bitter with MCP’s election loss in 2014

MCP convention KICKED OUT the real MCP. These are both experienced and loyal members and promising politicians who are the party’s Members of Parliament and carried the image of MCP:

Juliana Lunguzi (MP, OUT)
Max Thyolera (MP, OUT)
Lewis Chakwantha (MP, OUT)
Lingison Belekanyama (MP, OUT)
Joseph Njovuyalema (MP, DEMOTED)
Kusamba Dzonzi (MP, OUT)
Daniel Mlomo (MP, OUT)
Lyton Dzombe (MP, OUT)
Jean Sendeza (OUT)
Rhino Chiphiko (MP, OUT)
Gustave Kaliwo (OUT)
Jessie Kabwila (MP, OUT)
Richard Msowoya (MP, OUT)

These have been replaced by a bunch of Peoples Party members who stole public money under CASHGATE. None of them made it to Parliament in the 2014.

Sidik Mia (PP, NOT MP)
Harry Mkandawire (PP, NOT MP)
Cornelius Mwalwanda (PP, NOT MP)
Salim Bagus (PP, NOT MP)
Thomas Bisika (NOT MP)
Ken Zikhale Ngoma (PP, NOT MP)
Edgar Chipalanjira (PP, NOT MP)
Catherine Gotani (PP, NOT MP)
Maurice Munthali (NOT PP)

Chakwera has sold the MCP to stranger.

One comment

  • Inu zimenezo zaboza.Ngat uliwa Dpp pita uzikadya nawo.Chakwera ndi Boma 2019 mfune kaya musafune Boma ndi lathu.Pamene mpoto yonse Mcp yatenga kale Central REGION yonse And part of south like Nsanje Chikwawa MulanjeBlantyre.Nde ungatiuze chani?.

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