Nick Yiannakis Calls MCP Leadership Corrupt: Implicates Mia As Corrupt Asian Outsider Hijacking MCP

More trouble in MCP

Rejected Nick Yiannakis of Malawi Congress Party has confirmed that the leadership of Malawi opposition party is corrupts and sick, as seen by the recent convention which the party held and he was one of the people to contest on the Treasurer General post, only to be removed on the day of convention without alerting him, accusing Sidik Mia in the process as one corrupt asian who want to destroy MCP.

Yiannakis accused Sidik Mia of being a corrupt asian who wants to hijack MCP from the true supporters who have stood by the party for ages.

Hu further lamented that Asians have held Malawians at ransom for ages and that the citizens were tired of them.

He implicates Asians including Sidik Mia of influencing decisions in the party corruptly. He calls them strangers to the party.

Corrupt MCP

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