Former ECG Confidant Reveals How Bushiri And Ex-PRO Tortured, Threatened Him For Denying To Join Their Team To Lig 2019 Mw Elections

Bushiri re-assigns former PrO to be spokesperson for his party DEPECO

Become an informed and help stop modern-day slavery.

Public speaking is possibly my biggest fear…but this year is the year of stepping outside of my comfort zone and faces the reality, the giants of my life. Most of my friends threat messages that Sulugwe sent at first when I demanded my wage before going bankrupt.

Many are vulnerable and come from desperate situations at ECG in South Africa in various form and this is very true. Read carefully and put these few things together and you will learn exploitation likely ocurred.

In 2015, I left Malawi for political reasons and exiled in Zambia where I suffered loss of dignity and all my belongings. My wife and I were being kept by Bishop J Zulu founder of Miracle Pentecostal Church for over a year when he found us lodging un-unfinished building.

We explained to him our situation and he quickly believed us after he made his investigation and promised us to stay with them as we may like.

It was then in 2016, I encountered Mr Sulugwe on social media trying to defend his boss (Bushiri) on allegations about Chinga’s death and I offered my suggestion to help put down the web which defamed the man of God because I trusted him at first.

On 10 May 2016, I left through Kenneth Kaunda Airport to OR Tambo airport as per-arranged by Mr sulugwe under instruction of major1. To cut short story, I arrived after encountering lots of frustrations simply because I left my wife and 3 year old baby Christabel under custody of fellow church members in Zambia though they warned me of risks that might occur in case it turns into fraud.

I arrived in South Africa safely on 10th May 2016 and I was warmly welcomed by Mr Sulugwe with his partner into their apartment in midland.

Later at night, Mr Bushiri called on Sulugwe’s line after church service to welcome me and scheduled an appointment at his office the next day.

On a day like today 11th May but in 2016, I visited major one to his office as per his instruction accompanied by Mr Sulugwe.

Among the agendas were: Who taught me computer?, How can we plan for 2019 tripartite elections and How best can we bring down the web critics.

After we had discussed, he suggested I ask my wife first If she is comfortable to come stay with me if they provide a home, a car and money for business. I was then taken to Mecury Hotel in Midland where I lodged for two weeks while preparing for my first task in attempt to bring down first website.

But when I had informed my wife of the developments back home in Zambia, she suggested we pray first that night and her response in return was that I should excuse myself just after the first task because it is not the will of God.

So I begun to resist most of Mr Sulugwe’s instructions and my instincts about the whole issue was to remain close to myself alone daily in order to finish the first task but I could not succeed until I suggested that they release me to finish the task back in Malawi where my wife and I had arranged we merge.

This was to step away to focus on this task while also sharing time with my beloved wife and baby.

Those were just some of the priceless risks I had to make and reflect on lessons encountered but this didn’t go well with Bushiri, then he instructed Sulugwe to detain me systematically by withholding my passport in pretense of visa issue.

I had to stay long hours thrown out of the hotel from morning to 10 even 11 midnight due to un-paid bills until when they decide to settle the bills remotely. This went on for the next one and half week and I got upset that I suggested to leave even without nothing but I was detained for another month also, this time at Sulugwe’s apartment waiting for return of my passport.

My wife then had leaned very well the issue and rumours surrounding Grace Chinga’s death so she kept her contacts with me very close almost every hour she would try make a whatsapp video call to check that am still alive (we thank God for such courage and grace) but it was just fear of unknown.

I remember confronting Sulugwe over the issue of detention and he simply said it’s an instruction from his boss and the passport was with someone at South African Home for same process but eventually it returned with overstayed dates which later were sorted out by bribe on my way-out.

Then few weeks later when I returned home the web blog’s domain was taken down even now it’s forbidden you can’t access it news content. I then consulted few people to help pretest on social media when Bushiri begun to avoid me, eventually he only paid me 1.5 Million in 2016 out of 10 Million which I demanded through sincerely support of comrade Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza.

I’m very thankful to God that I had this overwhelming experiences and that am still alive and to have met some very famous young celebs and politicians in secret corridors of fame, power and money.

Fighting to heal as an ordinary person has been my challenge particularly in an accelerated form of social justice and powerfully revolutionary.

I know people would love if I clearly shed more light but to Judge is for God and secrets belong to him also alone and for us is revelation.

My plea, never fight nor judge any so called man of god or God. Am in negative zero status for over years now, no job, no loved ones, no home, no pair of clothes. My friends are street mongers. I use resources borrowed by friends from street. I lost custody of everything including the same wife who advised me simply because I spent my time fighting this man of god.

These people are very dangerous and somehow god-like with uncertain powers of authority luckily God never permitted them over my life.

Glory be to God


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  • Rubbish! Your failure to succeed has nothing to do with fighting Bushiri. Poverty is mostly due to the inability to seize life chances, poor planning, laziness, dullness, kuthawa sukulu, doing the wrong courses, lacking good networks of people who can help. There is no-one with god-like power who can make you poor or punish you because you fought them. These so called men of God are thieves.

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